Ethical Trading Statement

Rubies Masquerade Co (UK) Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and as an organisation always strives to achieve the highest standards of ethical trading practices. The organisation commits at every level of business to fighting and reporting any suspected instances of malpractice and shall always conduct operations in line with relevant local and international laws and regulations.

The organisation retains robust policies and procedures for the identification and reporting of suspected bribery, corruption, anti-competition and collusion activities.

Human Rights Statement

Rubies is committed to evidencing our belief in human rights, dignity and fairness in the workplace. The Company expects the same standards across its supply chain and all internal/external stakeholder relationships.

The organisation shall comply with the Human Rights Act 2998 and all associated local and international legislation relating to the upholding of human rights in the workplace. The organisation shall not willingly or knowingly undertake or assist in any activity that results in a violation of human rights or shall result in a benefit due to a human rights abuse. Similarly, the Company is committed to reporting and resolving any suspected instances of a human rights violation.

Specifically, the Company commits to:

  • Treat all staff and stakeholders with professionalism, dignity and respect.
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are in place to ensure no staff is subjected to harassment, bullying or abuse in any form whilst in the workplace.
  • Allowing staff freedom of association and collective bargaining through the formation or membership of Works Councils and Trade Unions of their own choosing.
  • Refusing to partake in any form of forced or bonded labour.
  • Prohibiting and investigating any suspected incident of human trafficking or child labour violations.
  • Providing a safe and secure working location and conditions for staff and all others working with or on our behalf.
  • Comply with all applicable wage, hours, salary and pensions laws and regulations.
  • Tackling and eradicating any form of discrimination either towards or by its staff, suppliers or other internal/external stakeholders. This includes the commitment to not using protected characteristics to make employment-related decisions (for example, age, race, sex, disability, gender, gender identity, nationality etc).

Child Protection and Modern Slavery Statement

The organisation is committed to upholding and complying in full with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the ILO Forced Labour Convention, ILO Abolition of Forced Labour Convention and ILO Minimum Age Convention. The organisation shall not permit or allow any act of slavery or human trafficking in any form, in any part of the business.

The organisation will not use child labour, with the sole exception of licenced child performers for the purposes of advertising products. Whenever required, the Company is committed to safeguarding children. In such circumstances, only approved and licenced performers will be selected and at all times. The organisation regards any allegation of improper conduct relating to child performers as a serious incident to be investigated in line with internal procedures and the potential involvement of law enforcement authorities.

The organisation will not use forced labour, ensuring that all work and services undertaken is voluntary and without threat of penalty. The Company will not require staff to lodge cash deposits as a condition of employment and shall hold third party suppliers and partners to the same standards.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Company shall not engage with organisations that do use child or forced labour, regardless of the laws and regulations of the locale. In order to ensure that the Company’s supply chain is operated and managed in accordance with these values, regular diligence and auditing activities may be required.